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Up to and including RAPIST

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This post holds no intentions of breaching respect and pride of any race and gender by any means. No purpose of offending any person’s thought and no plans of polarizing superiority of different class in society. Every face is entitled with freedom of speech. Judging any idea clearly so far, is not the dearest method to uplift the condition of harassment of women.

While talking about rapes and rapists, so many words come to the mind but so few that could be used in a post.
Emotions are primal mean of expressing plight instead of using senses whenever matter comes to sexual harassment of women. After heinous incident of rape in New Delhi in 2012 national outburst led to Read the rest of this entry »

Sochi games: With (techno)love from Russia

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sochi2014$ 45 billion, hulking 8500 sq. meters stadiums, each with a capacity of 40,000 viewers, years of planning and hard work, construction and dissolution and above all, innovation.
Welcome to Sochi Olympics Winter Games. Read the rest of this entry »

REVOLUTION 2020: A well paced cliché

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Revolution 2020, able to deliver what it was hoped for, obviously not much.

On upside, book is filled with every factor that make readers stick to their place and read the whole at once. Typical and predictable work, could be a splendid entertainment when limned into a flick Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 recent inventions and discoveries

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Invention in the words of Diane Setterfield is: “When one is nothing, one invents. It fills a void.” Well, filling the void is one thing but ripping apart the mere existence of that void & filling it with things we hardly even joke about is another. To instantiate that matter, have you ever thought about instituting realm of dreams into reality when you were watching movie “inception” or sending messages through telepathy like Prof. Xavier. As far as thoughts are concerned, we think, ‘how could it be like’ ,but for scientists, it is ‘Let’s find out’: Read the rest of this entry »

Bitcoins- A view from the vantage point

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Don’t you think it’s easier to buy apparels online than walking to a store two blocks away and give it a live trial? Easier to pay your bills with a couple of ‘smart’ taps on your ‘smart’ phone leisurely on your foamy couch than letting your shirts drench in sweat in endless queues? And even harder to drive past the city traffic to the billing office.
For most of us it is. Read the rest of this entry »

Wavering of Indian politics since…

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Ever since we got self- reliant, political mainstay has not been stable enough to elevate our country to the extent up to which it could have been.
Politics, by definition, Read the rest of this entry »